Don't Let Your Orders Slow You Down

Warehouse manager/business owner's best order monitoring tool.

The easiest and most effective way to manage your daily orders. Get started in minutes, anyone can pick it up in no time.

Clear View Of Your Orders

Use our unique dashboard to completely understand status of your daily and weekly orders.

Monitor By Any Group

Create your own grouping to easily track down any incomplete orders.

Easy Order Entry

Small efforts for greater results, you only spend little time in order entry.

Performance Reports

Easily generated reports that help you understand your orders and pickers performance.

Track Your Daily Orders
  • By date.
  • By group.
  • By priority.
  • By picker.

  • Track progress of your outbound containers.
  • Track your local delivery orders.
  • Track your will calls.

Local Stores:
  • By walk-in orders.
  • By call-in orders.
  • By online orders.

  • By daily incoming orders.
  • Track by sales channels.
Easy Order Entry
  • Start as little as an order number and a date.
  • Track who's working on the order.
  • Automatically calculate start and finish time.
  • 30-50 orders in mins with bulk entry.

Generate Performance Report
  • See how much time you spend on each order.
  • Knowing who's your best picker.
  • Understand your orders turnover ratio.

Manage Your User Group
  • Invite users to work together.
  • Manage user rights.
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